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  Specialty Back Surgery Table For a Manufacturer of Operating Room Equipment

Specialty Back Surgery Table For a Manufacturer of Operating Room Equipment

The Customer
Our client has been a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, innovative medical products for over 25 years.  The largest segment of their business is focused on the operating room with equipment that improves surgery through advanced patient positioning. The company offers a wide number of highly specialized surgical tables for spinal, joint replacement and orthopedic trauma surgery as well as tables for the comprehensive imaging demands required by today’s minimally invasive procedures.

The Challenge
Our client was working with a world renowned back surgeon to create the Next–Generation orthopedic surgery table designed to facilitate improved lumbar spine procedures.  They wanted to create a table that provided for a greater range of movement, two column supports to allow C-Arm access, and the use of carbon fiber materials that would minimize interference of X-ray imaging of the patient.

The Solution
Vermont Composites began working with our client’s engineers and the surgeon right from the initial design stages to review concepts and create prototypes on a rapid turnaround basis.  As prototypes were used by key surgeons throughout the US, additional suggestions were made and design enhancements were immediately applied to later iterations resulting in ongoing improvements in function, capability and usability.

The Results
Our client formally unveiled their new table to the surgical world in March 2008 at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Trade Show and, because of the enthusiastic reception, immediately began receiving firm orders exceeding their projections.

Why Vermont Composites?
Our client chose Vermont Composites because of our:

  • Extensive Experience in building medical imaging and surgical tables.
  • Knowledgeable Design and Analysis assistance.
  • Technical Expertise with composites, particularly carbon fiber.
  • Expedited Prototyping Capability.
  • Production Capacity to effectively handle medium to large volumes.
  • Outstanding Quality performance.
  • Timely Delivery record.

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