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Kaman Composites provides full service engineering from conceptual design and analysis to prototyping, tooling and testing.

Conceptual Design & Analysis

Kaman Composites' engineers have experience designing a wide array of parts and assemblies and are especially proficient in the areas of composite aerospace and medical components and imaging applications.

Our engineers are equipped with the latest design and analysis tools including:
  • CATIA® V5, SolidWorks® (14 seats) and Unigraphics® solid modeling and design software
  • CATIA® Composites Software for ply definition
  • ABAQUS® finite element analysis software
  • Surf-CAM CNC programming software
  • Delcam CNC programming software
  • PlotterPilot software for development of nesting and ply patterns
Process Engineering

In collaboration with part design, we determine how to manufacture the component as efficiently as possible, while maintaining consistent product quality. We work to refine our procedures on an on-going basis in the spirit of continuous improvement through the design, operation and maintenance of our product manufacturing processes.

Tool Design

One of the keys to making good parts is the ability to design and manufacture excellent tools. Kaman Composites uses the latest techniques for designing tools for composite parts and assemblies using model based definition with our various CAD systems. We incorporate layup techniques, CNC machining, and manual machining to achieve the lowest cost, most accurate tools required for each component. Kaman Composites' engineering personnel have a wealth of experience in complex shaped composite parts. We use this expertise to design tools that will consistently meet our customers’ requirements for performance and tolerance, fit and finish. We pride ourselves in our ability to design and build our own tooling in-house. In this way, we are able to be more responsive to the aggressive schedules often required to meet our customers’ needs.

Material and Component Testing

Kaman Composites is continuously testing new materials in order to improve our customers’ product performance. We also test the completed components to ensure that they are qualified to customer specifications. Such physical testing may include static testing, vibration testing, EMI shielding testing, and environmental testing. Testing may also be done to determine radiolucency or to prevent the inclusion of artifacts within the core or the skin.


Kaman Composites does extensive prototyping for our customers where the prototypes lead to volume production. We are able to combine the highly skilled workmanship and experience of our engineering and operations team members to develop excellent prototypes at the lowest cost with minimum tooling in the shortest time period.

Data Storage

Kaman Composites' engineering recognizes that it is extremely important to effectively store confidential customer data for effective communication and product improvement. Such data can include: specifications, designs, drawings, 3-D models, test reports, written communications, etc. Kaman Composites uses PDMWorks Enterprise to store and manage such important files.

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